The Importance of Stock Photo Sites

If you can download images for free, why should you spend money on stock photo sites? Stock photo sites are companies that offer stock photos, often licensed for specific uses. They charge from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars for a single image. Some agencies have images exclusive to their websites, but most are contributed by professional photographers around the world through online submission.

Why are stock photo sites important?

  • They help you find what you need easily and fast. Stock sites have vast libraries of images, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching to find what you need. Most have integrated searching and categories, keyword and tagging so you can find the perfect image for your creative needs in just a few clicks. The images can be sorted according to popularity, newest and others, too. You can even search according to the number of people, age group and gender.
  • They provide licenses. What do you need the images for? Unlike free images, stock photos come with the right license that allows you to use the images for specific purposes. With Royalty Free, you can use the images in any project for as long as you like. Rights Managed gives you exclusive rights to use the images in a certain way and period of time. These licenses have limitations, but they cover most uses.
  • They have variety. Whether you are looking for images with or without people, animals and text, stock photo sites have it all. You can be sure of the quality as well. Most sites check and verify images submitted by amateur photographers to ensure quality.

Stock photo sites play an important role in the creative industry. They help protect you from violating strict copyright laws that may damage your reputation and wipe clean your pockets. So, the next time you look for images, visit your most preferred stock sites or try something new.

Is There Still Corbis Stock Footage?

For years, Corbis has provided the creative community with a reliable source of premium stock content. Corbis stock footage has been one of the leading stock videos in the market. Many incorporate them in their creative projects as it adds value at a great price. Pricing may be higher than other stock agencies, but you get what you pay for. The stock media site is known for its stunning archival content from popular collections, such as Sygma and Bettmann.


With the stock media site’s reputation, many are asking, “Is there still Corbis stock footage?” Well, we are more than happy to inform you that you can still purchase and download Corbis stock footage. Corbis Motion is now available at Getty Images library. To find them, you can use the current Corbis asset ID or relevant keywords. The stock media site’s most significant content were migrated a few months ago. Now, you can access more stunning content and expert insight in one place.

About the Move

On May 2, 2016, Corbis shut down its doors to new and existing customers, who are invited to enjoy the benefits of Getty Images. Visual China Group (VCG) acquired Corbis Images, Corbis Motion and Veer. Its current partnership with Getty is the reason why you will find Corbis stock footage in the stock site’s library. Customers will no longer have access to their Corbis account, as well as their previous activities. If you have questions about specific content and pricing, you will have to visit Getty Images.

If you have existing agreements with Corbis, contact Getty Images to learn more about your transition. Do you have a Getty account already? Continue to use that account to download Corbis stock footage and other content in the library. If you don’t, Corbis automatically creates an account for you using your Corbis email address. You just have to forget your password and enter a new one for security purposes. This is the stock site’s way to make the transition easy for you.

How can you purchase Corbis stock footage?


Since Corbis Motion is already part of Getty Images collection, you can purchase and download clips in two ways: a la carte and Ultrapacks. A la carte is recommended for Rights-Managed purchases. If you are looking for Royalty-Free creative footage, you will do best with Ultrapacks. Ultrapacks are bulk item packs that allow you download a specific number of clips at a discounted price. You can choose a specific volume at 5, 10, 15 and 25 and the image resolution, too.

Not only can you still find Corbis stock footage, you can also purchase them at a more affordable prices – thanks to the merge with Getty Images. Head over the Getty Images and get stock footage now!     

How Do You Define Royalty Free?

Define royalty free.


Royalty Free refers to the right to use a copyright material or intellectual property without paying for license fees or royalties every time it is used.

Royalty is a sum of money paid to the owner of the copyright material or intellectual property for each copy sold or used.

Royalty Free Image refers to images sold with a royalty free licenses.

You see – royalty free does not mean that the image is acquired for free. It simply means that you are allowed to use the image in any way you want for as long as you like, without paying for royalties each time. You only have to pay one time to use the image in any project forever. Royalty free images are generally offered by stock photo agencies. Popular stock sites, such as Shutterstock and iStock, offer millions of affordable high quality royalty free images.

How much do royalty free images cost?

The price of royalty free images vary depending on the stock photo agency you purchase them from. Generally, they are cheaper compared to rights managed images but that is not always the case. Certain factors such as purpose, location and duration of usage can also affect the price of RM images, making them cheaper or pricier at times. Nevertheless, royalty free images can be purchased for a lot less when purchased in packs or as part of subscription.

In the stock photo industry, we define royalty free as the right to use the image in any project for as long as you like – for a flat one-time fee. It means you only have to pay for the license once. You do not have to worry about royalties or other kinds of payment obligations down the road. Thus, they tend to cost a lot less that other licenses that require you to pay for royalties every time you use the image.

Some stock photo sites offer more expensive royalty free license than others. For instance, Getty Images offer royalty free images for at least $125 each. But, microstock agencies offer cheaper rights as it is the core of their business. Depending on image type, prices may vary between $1 and $15 each.

Before you purchase royalty free images, it is important that you know how they work to avoid copyright issues in the future. Although these images include a legal protection, there are certain uses that are not allowed too. You can find the restrictions on the license agreement; thus, it is best to read it carefully and understand it before making a purchase. If you are sure that a royalty free license best suits your creative needs and budget, find your preferred image bank and purchase images from them.

The Hunt is over with the Getty Images Promo Code

Finding Getty Images promo code is a challenging task. You may not know if you are getting a great deal, or even a valid and active one. Many scam sites have popped up like mushrooms in the Internet, which made the search even harder. Fortunately, we know a legit distributor where you can get your promo codes from. Your hunt is over. It is time to spend your time working on that amazing project. Read on and find out about this awesome deal.

Getty Images Promo Code


We managed to get our hands on a promo code that lets you get up to 30% discount. It has no expiration date so you can download images whenever you want. It simplifies Getty’s pricing and applies great discounts on every image. Does it sound like an impossible deal? Well, the stock photo website is not known to give out discounts through promo codes so we understand your hesitation. Indeed this is not a coupon. We are referring to Ultrapacks.

Now, you can access the world’s most powerful imagery. You do not need coupons, which hardly exist too. The stock photo website has given even small players the opportunity to be part of its elite community through Getty Ultrapacks. Truly, it stayed true to his promise which is to offer flexible options to every budget. Thanks to Ultrapacks, you can download all the royalty-free images and videos you need.

What are Ultrapacks?

You may wonder what we are talking about. Ultrapacks are pre-pack images that come in various volume sizes. You can download 5, 10, 15 and 25 images, whichever fits your creative needs and budget. Each Ultrapack cuts 8% to 31% on image prices and includes a custom license that allows multiple users to access downloaded photos and purchase multiple copies. Unlike other stock photo agencies, Getty Images does not require you to pay separately for an Extended License.

Ultrapacks offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Let you pay upfront for images you can download whenever you need
  • They are valid forever. You only need to log in to Getty Images at least once in 12 months
  • Offers up to 31% of discounts on image prices
  • Lets you access over 50 million images in the library
  • Choose from millions of commercial and editorial images

Ultrapacks work just like a Getty Images promo code. It allows you to access the stock photo website vast collection of high quality images, download whenever you need, and enjoy great discounts. Are you ready to purchase stock images and save hundreds to thousands of dollars? If you are, buy your Getty Images Ultrapacks now! Do not miss this rare chance to buy Royalty-free and Editorial images from one of the most renowned stock photo websites.

iStock Promo Code 2022: 15% Off Subscriptions to All Customers


For students, bloggers, web designers and businesspersons, nothing gets them going than a good iStock promo code. We, at Stock Photo Secrets, understand the difficulty to stay on budget without compromising quality and creative needs. Thus, we offer coupons that feature substantial savings on download credits and subscription plans. This year, we choose to offer something special – an exclusive coupon code for your yearly subscriptions!

iStock has been around for over a decade and has been the go-to stock photo agency for photographers and web designers alike. It provides the best content at the right prices. In fact, half of its imagery are already half the price. But, that does not stop the stock site from working with us to provide iStock coupons to further your savings. You can use these coupon codes to get high quality images at much discounted prices.

Reasons to Get yourself an iStockphoto coupon:     


There are a number of benefits you can get from getting a coupon. You will not only get access to the stock site’s collection of premium images, but also purchase them at discounted rates.

  • iStock Collection. When you get an iStock coupon, it goes without saying that you are using the stock site as your image source. You can explore millions of royalty-free images, illustrations, music and video clips at ridiculously great prices. Whether you buy credits or subscribe to a plan, we have the coupon codes for you.
  • Plans and Pricing. With iStock, you can choose between paying per image through credit downloads or subscribing to a plan. Purchasing credits is suitable for minimal image needs. We recommend buying more to save more since they don’t expire anyway. On the other hand, subscriptions give you the best rates on photos. You can also rollover unused downloads now.
  • Improved search and price filters. You will surely benefit from the stock site’s improved price and search filters. They will help you find a better match for your budget and creative needs. You will also find images easier and faster, thanks to the recent search upgrades. They give you exactly what you are looking for.
  • iStockphoto coupons. Our coupons will save you 10% off on your credit downloads and 15% off on your yearly subscriptions. The discount on subscriptions is available to all customers, while the coupon for credits is only valid to new customers. Redeem them now!

Most stock photo coupons are only available to new customers and for only a short period of time. On the other hand, our iStock coupon codes are accessible to all customers – new and existing. Furthermore, the 15% discount will give you savings on your yearly subscriptions. What are you waiting for? Get your promo codes 2022 now!